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Also, by having a place to insert a seatpad, the product ensures that rowers who erg with a seatpad won't have to worry about the pad sliding off the seat or getting sweaty/dirty, so the iErg can help prevent the spread of bacteria in the gym/erg room.  The iErg seat is easy-to-clean marine-grade vinyl with nylon sides, so you can spray it down just like you would an erg seat.
Erging is one of the best forms of exercise that exists. Unfortunately, since the ergometer seat moves up and down the slide, there is no easy way to erg while listening to your iPod...until now.
The iErg features a pocket on the side for an iPod and a pocket on the underside of the seat cover for a seatpad.
Some rowers end up stuffing the iPod in their shorts, which is uncomfortable, distracting and can ruin an iPod.  Others use an armband iPod holder, which is uncomfortable and causes soreness during serious erg workouts.  But the iErg is changing all that.
The iErg is simple in design.  Its seat cover fits any recent model of Concept2 ergometer.  The sides of the iErg cinch up firmly under the seat for a secure fit, and it does not slide or slip during workouts.
The iErg is the best way to bring music to your workout and use a seatpad while erging.  It’s an essential for any rower - from high school/college rowers to masters to recreational ergometer users.